Free “Kick the Tyres” 30 Day Trial

kick the tires

Free “Kick the Tyres” 30 Day Trial

In the early days, one would “kick the tyres” because older tyres may have had imperfections and were manufactured in many different ways. “Kicking the tyres” could reveal a defect, alerting to the potential flaws.

The same applies to a Cloud environment. You don’t actually know how it will perform until you have ordered it. With the Axial Consulting Cloud options, this no longer applies.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

I need an additional processor or a bit more memory for a partition but all of my resources on the POWER server are being consumed?

I have to upgrade my POWER server but I don’t have the budget right now?

My environment uses versions of AIX no longer supported and will not run on the latest POWER servers.

I need to save costs.


Axial Consulting is offering customers who run AIX, a free “kick the tyres” 30 day trial* to experience the benefit of having their environment in the Cloud.

You no longer have to outlay a huge amount of money to procure a POWER server or ensure that you have the required amount of Storage, Fibre or Network ports available.

hosting in the Cloud removes all of your pain points.

Axial Consulting has the processor and memory resources that can accommodate your environment and you only pay for what is consumed. Not what has been allocated to a partition. You don’t even need to worry about virtualisation resources as Axial Consulting takes care of that for you free of charge.

Axial Consulting will assist customers who want to use the trial to migrate an existing environment onto the trial Cloud environment for free.

The free trial* will have the following resources:

Up to 4 processors in a shared processor pool
64 GB memory
Storage to accommodate your data up to 400 GB
You will have full and exclusive access to the partition in the Cloud.

Contact to arrange for your free trial now!

*This offer is open to companies who want to test an AIX environment in the Cloud.