Power in the Cloud

IBM POWER servers in the Cloud


We provide LPARs build on IBM Enterprise POWER servers in the Cloud. You have full and exclusive access to your logical partitions (LPAR) in the Cloud. We offer Enterprise, Disaster Recovery, Testing or Proof Of Concepts environments without the need to procure any additional hardware.

Whether it is a small or an Enterprise environment, we have you covered. We offer low cost, flexible, reliable solutions that can grow and shrink as your business needs change. Our POWER servers are large enough to cater for any business need you might have and is backed by our extensive knowledge and capabilities to assist with any issues arising.

Our Cloud servers are situated in a world class South African Data Centre with a guaranteed 99.999% uptime environment and access to over 200 local and international network providers.  

We provide full server monitoring with customized reporting per environment. You will get access to a self-service portal which will provide you full access and the ability to manage your own environment. Axial Consulting also provides specialised services to complement your contract at very affordable prices.

You only pay for the capacity that you use.

Enterprise Partitions - IaaS & PaaS

Dedicated or Shared Processor Pools

Tailor your Enterprise Cloud environment to your specifications and requirements.

You can have a dedicated pool of CPU's for your environment shared across your LPARS. Or, you can have a Shared partition in a pool of CPU's that are shared between multiple clients.

We also offer the entire suite of support which encompasses hypervisor, security, clustering, OS support and monitoring.

No matter your size or how much data you have, Axial Consulting has a solution to give you complete piece of mind.

Disaster Recovery Solutions - DRaaS

Quite often we encounter clients that have an extremely resilient and reliable production environment but often do not think about disaster recovery.

We have the means and capability for clients to have a disaster recovery solution at a fraction of the cost of procuring an additional server that just sits idle 90% of the time or having to sacrifice your QA and test environments to perform any DR function.

Our disaster recovery solution allows for 2 full disaster recover tests per year as part of your plan.

Get an LPAR on standby and only pay per use or alternatively have a hot standby to use at will with the option to dynamically ramp up the processing power when you need it most.

Proof of Concept environment - POCaaS

Do you need to install a new version of your application?

Do you have a new update for your environment, but you are unsure of what the impact will be?

Is business looking at acquiring a new application?

Are you looking for a POC environment on IBM POWER servers?

Let us provide you with an environment to successfully perform your POC.

We provide a cost-effective environment to perform POC investigations. Not only do we provide an environment, we will also assist with the installation and migration requirements and provide the required O/S specialized support for the duration of the POC.

AIX & Linux on Power - Testing and Self Study

Do you need to do some testing or to “play” with the new features in AIX or Linux?

Try an AIX or Linux environment for 7 days. We can create an environment for you to perform those "I don't want to try this in production" tests. This area allows you to perform those changes and testing without impacting your production environment. It can also be of benefit once you have completed a training course and you would like to go through the practical exercises again.

Available AIX versions:
AIX 6.1
AIX 7.1
AIX 7.2

Available Linux versions:
Fedora 24 BE
Centos BE